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Thoughts from Aaron Coupe Auckland Property Developer and Harbour Construction Owner.


Here is some information about Aaron Coupe:

Aaron Coupe is a hotelier, property developer and investor. Born on Auckland’s North Shore on October 10, 1977, he has always exhibited a particular aptitude for building things, which carried over to his later career. Aaron graduated from Westlake Boys High School in Auckland and went on to complete a builder apprenticeship at Fletcher Construction, the leading infrastructure contractor in New Zealand.

Aaron Coupe went on to co-found New Zealand Mint, the only privately-owned mint in New Zealand, producing coins from internationally-sourced refined gold. At this point, his interests and ambitions grew, and he went on to enter the real estate market, investing in and developing hotels and other properties across the region. He currently owns Greys Avenue Investments, and resides in Karaka, Auckland with his wife and two children. He enjoys an eclectic mix of hobbies, which include diving, fishing, and heritage architecture. He’s also a Land Rover enthusiast and swears by his SUV.

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